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If I were getting married (married again, that is, and to my current wife obviously), I would want my photographer to be as excited as possible about my wedding. 


Not all photographers are cut out for weddings — the tempo, the intensity, the emotional range, the mix of styles, adapting joyfully and creatively when plans and preferences go poof


Some wedding photographers treat the day like a job, which it is, technically. But the only way to excel at this work… and as I see it excelling is inextricable from taking your professional obligations as a wedding photographer seriously… is to feel a sense of mission about your couple’s wedding. 


I love weddings. Love’m.


Don’t hire me for landscapes. Mountains are cool, cityscapes are fun, but they’re not people. I’m a people person. When I brand myself in terms of prioritizing “Natural Moments,” I’m not talking about a sunset unless there are people in front of it experiencing “Honest Emotions.” That’s the focus of my portraiture, and really all of my work, weddings and otherwise—centering people.


And I take weddings personally. I approach them the way I would want a wedding photographer to approach my wedding, with attention to detail, gracious spirit and warm demeanor, creativity and good humor, and energetic dedication start to finish.     


Weddings are all one-of-a-kind. After you’ve shot fifty, it’s clear enough that whatever they have in common in general, the couple sets each wedding apart. You are the main characters… you and your beloved… your individuality. As much fun as I have shooting weddings, I take the once-in-a-lifetime responsibility of capturing your unique celebration seriously.



If you like my values and dig my style, if you like the idea of seeing yourself and your loved ones in my style of pictures, then I would be overjoyed to take your wedding personally, too.