Family Portraiture
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“I want the pictures to be beautiful, and I also want them to feel real.”

I get it. You know there’s a kind of picture that can’t be made on the fly, where the photographer is going to have to work with you to set it up somehow. But you don’t want those pictures to feel cheesy, stale, artificial. And you want authenticity, the energy and spontaneity of real moments happening naturally, as well.

I call my approach to work with families thoughtful-candid portraiture.  

I view my role as putting you in a place with great light and starting you off with a natural pose. After that you should be all about the people you cherish. It’s my way of making all of our pictures feel natural and true, even the ones where I help you. 

With a little thought, you can be put together and still feel entirely yourselves, in the moment, and I can attend to aesthetic considerations.

And then on a separate level, because there are children involved and children only sometimes follow the rules, and because having children is emotional and emotions are unpredictable, there are going to be purely candid moments where what matters more than anything else is that you and your loved ones are part of them. I pounce on those, as well.

That’s thoughtful-candid portraiture, in a nutshell.

I’ve learned from my families and couples that the pictures they value most over time feel to them like moments viewed through clear windows, pictures of you having fun, snuggling up, feeling free as yourselves to relate and react to one another. 

Please reach out if you like my style of photography. As a happily married, nostalgic dad, I have a special place in my heart for this photography. I would love to work with you!